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Bella Butter (Organic Body Butter)

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BELLA BUTTER is a rich, luxurious organic belly & body butter. Bella Butter is an excellent butter if you are pregnant with stretching skin, postpartum with skin in need of healing from being stretched, if you suffer from eczema, or just need a nice moisturizer to rub on your body parts to keep them supple! This variant of Bella Butter uses the mild healing properties of organic essential oils to help combat stretch marks, promote healing on scars, redness, inflammation, and even surgical wounds! Rub this body butter into belly, arms, chest and extremities for optimal softness and improving skin elasticity and resilience when stretching is impossible to prevent.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Bella Butter (Organic Body Butter)

  1. Dailin

    Bella Butter is AMAZING! I love the way it just melts onto the skin. Smells Yummy! I originally purchased Bella Butter during my pregnancy to reduce my stretch marks and it has worked wonders. Now we continue to use Bella Butter for pretty much everywhere! We love using it on our feet as it Moisturizes and Hydrates our feet and also my baby Diana’s feet! We love it! Will definitely be a repeat customer 🤗

  2. Herman

    This product works wonderfully for my crack heels. I highly recommend it for any one that suffers from dry skin. A must get!

  3. Ashley

    After using Bella Butter All the inflammation and itching went away. It keeps my skin moisturized. I just have some hyperpigmentation on my neck it will go away soon. Thank you again for the butter❤️

    Here’s my before and after photos

  4. Savvy

    Bella Butter is AMAZING!!! WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! My skin feels like butter! If you have irritated skin or you just want that GLOW, Bella Butter is your BEST FRIEND! I use it on my stretch marks on my stomach, and butt, I also use it after I shave on my legs and pubic area. My skin doesn’t just feel moisturized on top of the skin but the butter penetrates my skin and heals it from the inside out. I suffer from bad eczema on my arms and dry skin from washing my hands all of the time. Another thing I love is that it fades all my dark marks on my skin. THIS BUTTER IS YOUR FRIEND! Stop all the Walmart and Drug store stuff, this BUTTER IS EVERYTHING! Oh, and it smells amazing!!!!!

  5. Stephanie Moreno

    You all been sleeping on this product… It is so silky and hydrating to any skin type!!!! I’ve gifted it out as well purchase it for my whole family (female, male and child). It has such a natural, relaxing and delightful scent. TRUST ME, YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! Oh and by the way, a little goes a long way. The large container lasts us months!!!!

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